Ruth Ann Rubin (Sanders)

Hello friends and family,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this email to share the news of my Aunt Ruth’s passing on Saturday July 9th at 8:51pm. She passed in the hospital while comfortable and in her sleep.

Ruth Anne Rubin Sanders touched a lot of lives.

She was a dear friend to many, a devoted wife of over 50 years, and a mentor and 2nd mom to me and I know many others.

Asking Aunt Ruth meant asking for an honest opinion. She was exactly who you could go to when you needed advice. For years, she guided me through hard decisions. She was there for my first date. She was there for my very first breakup. She was there for every Thanksgiving and Christmas. She was in the car when we got the call that my sister had passed away. She was there at my wedding and there to celebrate my Uncle’s birthday and over 50 romantic years together. Aunt Ruth showed up when it mattered.

Aunt Ruth was self made. Every single thing in her life, she worked for, and she did not take what she had for granted. She went her whole life without ever having a manicure or pedicure. She shopped at flea markets for a good deal.

Aunt Ruth set the bar when it came to a fairy tale marriage. Being married and staying married for all the right reasons. The devotion my Aunt and Uncle had to each other was a devotion and a bar I set for myself from the very beginning. Over the years I grew deeper and deeper insight into just how strong and beautiful a relationship they really had. How they persevered through family hardships and stressors and stayed loyal and devoted to each other in a relationship filled with devotion, love, and laughter, in such a real and true way. The love that they had for each other was the kind of love you read about in storybooks, and I’ll always remember my uncle who just couldn’t get enough of my aunt, even after 50 years of marriage. They were the life of the party. They could dance and laugh and tell stories in a way that drew in an entire room. They were a gorgeous couple, full of life and passion and true and absolute love for one another. I can only hope to experience a fraction of the love they shared for each other. To this day they set the bar for the kind of marriage I want to have myself.

Aunt Ruth was an entrepreneur. She was a self-made businesswoman who was courageous and brave enough to go out on her own. Her success was entirely her own, and her businesses thrived because she was kind and smart enough to know a good idea when she saw one and empower her staff in an environment that was fair and supportive. Her business prospered at a time when few women worked full time, and those who did were rarely entrepreneurs. Her business acumen gave her smart ideas to follow, but her drive and her heart ensured her success and popularity. Aunt Ruth was successful in business because she was the kind who would lead by doing and the kind who would stick her neck out for someone who deserved it. She was loyal and kind to those around her, and knew how to pursue a smart, good idea.

We will remember Ruth in our hearts forever and will always cherish her memories.

With so much love and appreciation for the many people who loved and cared for my Aunt-

Carrie Baron