Hotel Reservation Info


 All you need to know to make room reservations at Shula's is in the Hotel's Flyer below. They're waiting with baited... {*Eewww*} err...uhh... bated breath to take your calls, sooooo, hurry and make that call to reserve your favorite room. {Ask for Joshua - he's Really COOL!}

Remember to refrence STINGS21 when making your call to insure you get our special rate. 

If you plan to book it via the hotel website online DO NOT FORGET to enter the discount code STINGS21 when prompted. 

DO NOT - REPEAT - DO NOT click -> BEST AVAILABLE RATE on their site, that will only negate the discount and you'll wind up paying Rack Rate = BIG BUCKS [like some prominent Sting '60 we know!!!].

As usual, any ???'s click --> CONTACT US and the back office hamsters will respond when they're finished with their Quarrantine Snack Run.